Die Fahrt nach Spanien war für mich ein unglaubliches Erlebnis.
Mit ein etwas mulmigen Gefühl starteten wir von Düsseldorf nach Madrid,

Am Anfang der Fahrt nach Spanien war ich natürlich aufgeregt, aber habe mich auch gefreut. Es war wieder schön zu fliegen

The trip to Spain was a grateful and incredible experience, which I would repeat at any time if I could.
The journey started at Lüner main station from which we should take the train to Düsseldorf to fly from there to Madrid. I had mixed feelingsbecause on the one hand I was excited to travel to a new country and meet new people, on the other hand I was a bit anxious because

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Endangered languages

This questionare is prepared by the coordinating teacher Mehmet Basdas from Turkey.
It  scales the students' thoughts about languages which are in danger of dying. Thausends of languages are on the verge of extinction. And the most signifying fact about this is that loss of a language means loss of the memory of the world's history and culture...

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